Academic Overview

Response to Intervention/Response to Instruction (RTI)

At HSEI, we have adopted a school-wide instructional framework. It involves high-quality instruction and interventions matched to individual student’s needs. Data from ongoing assessments are used to create academic and social success plans. Students will benefit from regular progress monitoring with advocate counselors and staff.

Our staff has adopted a universal approach to instruction. A common instructional approach grounded in effective teaching practices (critical thinking, literacy/learning strategies, effective habits of mind &, etc.) will be used across the content areas. Our aim is to prepare our students to acquire enduring skills to be successful in college and post-secondary opportunities.


Through Advisory, each student will have an adult advocate who will serve as the student’s primary support at HSEI. Adult advocates are there to help each student individually with obstacles, attendance difficulties, and post-secondary plans, etc. The advisory program is scheduled to meet twice a week for 55 minute periods. The program is designed to complement academic work through a less formal setting. During advisory sessions, adults work alongside students to create a safe space in which students develop the academic and social skills needed to succeed at HSEI and beyond. Through honest communication, students will express their voice, build strong and caring relationships and take ownership of their community.

Academic/Enrichment Activities

In addition to our regular programs, we have a very dedicated and expert staff that will spend many additional hours with our students to work on student/parent sponsored extracurricular activities. The students will be given an opportunity to design and participate in these activities.